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ESD Stunt Kit - Stage 2   Honda XR50, CRF50, XR70 & CRF70

Item: ESD Stunt Kit - Stage 2

Application: Honda XR50, CRF50, XR70 & CRF70

Part Number: 100_4-602



Brake Lever

Description: Built upon our foundation Stage I Stunt Kit, the Stage II offers the next level, 12 o'clock scrapes. Save $15.

The Combo Rear Brake Kit is a necessity for busting out long wheelies and combos. It allows the rider to control the rear brake from the stock pegs, or from the handlebar mounted brake lever. Comes with mounting brackets, lever assembly, and cable. Designed for use with the stock CRF50 swing arm.


The Stunt Pegs are made from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum, and are 100% bolt on. They allow full adjustment of the rear wheel to tension the chain and use the stock axle. The ends of the pegs are milled off at an angle to prevent scraping while busting circle wheelies or dragging a knee super moto style. CNC knurled for extra grip. No Drilling or cutting required.


Donít drill or cut your stock frame. Donít bend your sub frame with home made bars. This wheelie bar kit is 100% bolt on and helps reinforce your sub frame. Comes with CNC machined mounting brackets and bolts on in minutes with no drilling or cutting of the frame. This is a fully adjustable and removable 12 o'clock bar that has a zinc coated replaceable scrape plate.

Upgrade to the ASV Forged Brake Lever for only $36!

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